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Happy Sexy Bad Valentine’s Day


Have you grabbed your copy of this charming and fun read yet? If you’re already a fan of the Sexy Bad series, you’re gonna love this excerpt. If you’ve never read one of the four books in this series, I bet this is going to change your mind. Have a quick read:

I stick my fingers between the curtains and pull the heavy drape back so that I can peer into the front yard. “There’s a duck.”

“A duck? Why does that not surprise me?”

“Really? Does nothing surprise you?” An eyebrow flies up in wonder as a young girl in a purple snowsuit tramples through the snow, chasing after the white duck. She has pin straight dark hair sticking out from the edges of her woollen hat. A Siamese cat slinks behind them with its tail in the air.

“You don’t understand. That’s not the oddest pet on that street. There’s also a—”

“Goat.” I watch the four legged animal skip and slide on a patch of ice.

“How did you know?” Deanna asks.

“I have to go.” The girl is the same child from the park. The woman bringing up the rear in this parade is a stunning blonde in a gray beanie.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I tell her as I march through the house and pick up Barclay’s leash. “I’m heading out the door. That’s all. Is it okay if I stay at your house until you get home?”

“No. Knowing you, you’ll sleep with one of my neighbors, and I’ll be forced to move.”

“It’s for Barclay’s sake. He hates being cooped up in my apartment. Come on, be a responsible pet owner.”

“Fine,” she gives in huffily. “Just try not to seduce my neighbors. They’re all practically married.”

“You have nothing to worry about, Dee. Seriously. I’ll be too busy with Puppy Love.” I whistle for Barclay, clapping a fist around his collar the moment he bangs into my legs so that I can attach his leash. “But right now, I’m late for an interview.”

I hang up on her before she can say anything else and grab my coat and hat and gloves before racing after a duck, a kid with a cat, a goat, and the hottest woman I’ve ever had to chase.

Ready to read? One-click here: AMAZON 

And if you want to hang out with Misti & Tami, we’re usually over in the Sexy Bad Lounge on Facebook: SBL.


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