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What’s Next for the Sexy Bad Universe?

Well, if you’re here reading this, then that means you know what the heck we mean by “Sexy Bad Universe.” Or did that title simply catch your eye and you were curious? Hey, we’re down with that too. We’d click this link too, if we didn’t know what it was about, so you’re not alone.

You’re definitely not alone. A lot of readers like the Sexy Bad Universe. Which makes us soooooo happy.

And here we are, 1 year and 11 months after the release of Sexy Bad Neighbor, the catalyst for all this Sexy Bad Excitement.

It started as a conversation in a private author group we both belonged to. This idea of a co-written book. We’d been (long distance) friends for years; beta reading each other’s books, offering tips, suggestions, thoughts, ideas, recommendations. We knew each other’s style, we loved each other’s writing. And passion.

Oh, and we’re both pansters. And flexible. And we get along really, really well. All necessary for a friendship/work relationship such as this.

By the time we’d hit “publish” on Sexy Bad Neighbor, we’d already started Sexy Bad Daddy, and we were talking through the ideas for Sexy Bad Boss (our version of plotting – lots and lots of Facebook Messenger conversations either early a.m. or late p.m., since there is an 18 hour time difference between us). And by that point, we knew we had to write Danny’s story, too (he’s introduced in Sexy Bad Daddy, and Sexy Bad Escort is his book). In between, we each wrote our own books within this series–Misti wrote Sexy Bad Valentine and Tami wrote Sexy Bad Halloween.

And that is where it ends.

Yep. we know we talked about a Frosty Bad Christmas, and true confession: we even started writing it. But our hearts weren’t in it. From the beginning we knew we’d write Paynter, Garrett, James, Ronnie, and Danny’s stories, and we added the bonus characters–Evie, Garrett and Erin’s nanny, and Alex, James’s assistant–but after that, well…we didn’t have any plans.

We’ve talked about Danny’s brother and maybe giving him a book, which may possibly start a new series, but so far, it’s just talk. We’ve discussed it and we both agree: at some point, all Sexy Bad Things must end.

So yes, we’re closing a chapter, ending a series, but that doesn’t mean what you’re fearing at this point.

We haven’t stopped writing. Not as individual authors or as a team.

Not hardly. 

There’s plenty more to come. Both of us have individual releases coming early this year. And together, well, how do we say this?

April, 2019.

We’ll just throw that date out there.

If you want to know more, your best bet is to check out our Facebook group, the Sexy Bad Lounge.

Because, yeah, we aren’t going anywhere.


Misti & Tami 

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