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A New Sexy Bad MAFIA Romance Is Coming Your Way!

Tami Lund wrote a book about mafia romance, and of course we think you’re gonna love it! It releases in FIVE DAYS, and yes, it will be in KU.

Since it’s five days until release, we thought you’d like a little teaser from chapter five. You know, for the heck of it. Okay, honestly, it’s because we want you to snatch this baby up the second it releases, and we think this little tidbit might tempt you enough to give it a try. We’re reasonably confident you won’t be disappointed!

TRAPPED BY THE MOB – excerpt from Chapter 5:

“Before you sit,” Gino said, and Antonio paused in the process of approaching his desk. His brother pushed his coffee mug toward Antonio. “Get me a refill. And make it half whiskey. That man makes my trigger finger itchy.” He rubbed his temples and leaned back, the leather chair creaking under his shifted weight.

Antonio took the cup over to the wet bar built into the wall. “That guy’s a real prick.” It wasn’t often he and Gino agreed, but their mutual hatred of the detective was definitely one of those occasions.

“Speaking of pricks, you boned that jogger yet?”

Antonio snagged a second coffee mug and made himself a drink, too.

“Since I’ve pretty much never told you details about my sex life, what makes you think I’ll start now?” He sat down in front of his brother’s desk and placed one of the cups on the smooth surface.

Gino took a long drink before answering. “Because this isn’t about your sex life. It’s about you doing a job for me. And women are more likely to tell you stuff they shouldn’t if you’re persuading them with a few orgasms.”

Gino didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about. As far as Antonio knew, he’d never used such a tactic. Violent threats were more his style. Dismemberment. And eventually, death. Gino never bluffed.

Although, to be honest, that was precisely the reason Antonio hadn’t stayed to watch a movie with Phoebe last night. She had definitely been sending him I’m interested signals. And while the idea of sleeping with her perked up certain body parts, doing so to extract information for his brother deflated them just as quickly.

Yeah, yeah, this was a first. Normally, he was a wham! bam! thank you, ma’am kind of guy, preferring short, steamy encounters to actual relationships. But Gino had never before asked him to do this sort of intel, either, so the entire scenario was one big, fucking miserable first experience for him.

Trapped by the Mob Cover

Like what you’ve read? You can read the entire book on February 28 – less than a week away! Here’s the link, for your reading pleasure: TRAPPED BY THE MOB


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